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RE: SEH error messages

Jeff, is it possible to know what caused the SEH error?
On Wed, 2 Oct 2002 12:38:45 -0500 Jeff Hintz wrote:

Even though the download finished after the error message occured, and everything seems to be fine.  Myself, I would re-download those cards that encountered the error, just as a precautionary measure.
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Subject: SEH error messages

Customer want to know if the SEH messages below will cause problems on those cards during the election?

JoCoKs; BS 4.1.11, CE2.1, GEMS 1.17.22
We have finished our download and the L&A and really what to know if there is a problem with the messages that I got during the download and the L&A. 
SEH MESSAGE 1:  I had 2 messages during the download.  It was something like ERROR - SEH
000005.  I said OK and the transfer went both times.  I assumed it was
something in the download. 
SEH MESSAGE 2:  However, yesterday (at 5:00 naturally) I had a message SEH Exception c00000fd when proofing.  The card took a long time to load the election, but when I tried to remove it, I got a message to put the
card back in or data would be lost on the storage card.  I put it back in
and it took a really long time to load, but then I got the zero proof
screen.  I wasn't sure whether it was the card or the machine.  This morning
I put the card in and it came up, no problem.  I asked Merle, who did the
L&A on it, if he got a message and he said no. 
I know that one of the cards that gave the error during the download was Olathe Christian Church, but I
don't know what the other one was.  The (SEH Message 2)Exception card was from Mission Road
Bible Church.  I am keeping a note on it.  I am Ccing Lesley on this e-mail. Debbie
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