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RE: mail.dieboldes.com planned maintenance outage


Will the outage cause you any trouble? I can delay it, if it will.


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Subject: Re: mail.dieboldes.com planned maintenance outage
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In the future it would be nice to know about these planned outages well
in advance and to ask if this will create any mission critical issues.  

Steve Moreland
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From: "Josh Gardner" <josh@dieboldes.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 17:25:56 
To: <support@dieboldes.com>
Subject: mail.dieboldes.com planned maintenance outage

Hi everyone,
At 6.00pm PST I will be turning off email services (POP, IMAP and SMTP)
on mail.dieboldes.com for maintenance. Nobody will be able to send or
receive email for the duration of the outage. 
I expect the outage to last no longer than 2 hours at the most, but I
will send an email should services be restored earlier. 
The purpose of the maintenance is to upgrade our POP/IMAP daemon, to
provide better quality-of service and enhanced utility for all the