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RE: modems ???in AVOS

I thought Ian Piper was looking into and testing analog to digital converters for this very reason.
rob chen
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Subject: RE: modems ???in AVOS

I have a more basic telephony question...is there an A/D (analog to digital) converter than can be used?

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Subject: modems ???in AVOS

from El Paso Co
> 2. Accuvote Modems.  Is there a newer, more advanced, possibly
> digital-able modem that can be put in the Accuvotes?  Many of our polling
> places have digital phone signals that as you know, the Accuvote cannot
> handle.  More and more sites are unable to modem in their results.
> Furthermore, is there any new devices that other counties may be using as a
> workaround?  Such as a wireless modem connected to a cell phone or PDA?  I'm
> very interested in upgrading our Accuvote modems to handle these newer
> situations to increase our ability to modem in results.
any info appreciated