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RE: Phone number issues



What is a GEMS Development Engineer?





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Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 2:01 PM
To: Diebold Support
Subject: Phone number issues




    I have been getting several calls on the GEMS Tier 2 Support Main Number that should be directed to the Deployment Warehouse Main Number.  The GEMS Tier 2 Support Main Number is for Georgia Regional GEMS Field Engineers to use to call me and my GEMS Development Engineers for GEMS Server support and RMA use.  Please adjust your phone lists to the following standard:

·        Diebold Election Systems, Georgia Deployment Warehouse Main Number: (404) 591-3514

·        Diebold Election Systems, Georgia GEMS Tier 2 Support Main Number: (404) 591-3522

·        Diebold Election Systems, Georgia Main Fax Number: (404) 472-9083

·        Diebold Election Systems, Georgia Service Bureau Toll Free Support: 1-888-205-6711

·        Diebold Election Systems, Georgia Service Bureau Fax Number:  (404) 472-9476


Best Regards,
James P. Rellinger, MCSE

Manager of Engineering, Georgia Operations
Diebold Election Systems

(770) 231-6468