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RE: Using Old Manager Cards with VCE 1.1.4

Not exactly:  it isn’t really necessary that the supervisor/manager cards used in the polls are upgraded.  There is no need for a poll-worker to insert a supervisor/manager card into the VCE.  In fact, in a strange way you could look at not upgrading the polling manager cards to be a good thing. 


All you need to do is ensure that you have a new-format supervisor card at election central.  You’ll know you have one well in advance of the election of course, since you won’t be able to program your 1.1.4 VCE units without one.


One aside I should mention while I am here.  You if you have already loaded your unit’s keys with voter cards, you don’t need to re-load after you upgrade to 1.1.4.  I bring it up because I have heard of people “waiting for the upgrade” before loading the units.  This waiting is not necessary.





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Subject: Using Old Manager Cards with VCE 1.1.4



If you are programming your Voter Card Encoders (aka "Spyrus") with VCE 1.1.4, please ensure that ALL of your old style Manager Cards will work with that version of the software.  The new cards labelled "Supervisor Card" are already in a format that will work with 1.1.4, and Manager Cards produced after Feb 2002 are also in a format that will work with 1.1.4, but older style Manager Cards (pre-Feb 2002) will need to be upgraded otherwise they will not work with 1.1.4 (the VCE will display "Remove Card".)


To upgrade an old style Manager Card, insert it into a VCE with 1.1.3 software (or 1.1.2.)  The VCE will prompt you to "Upgrade Super Card?".  Press "YES".  If the Manager Card has already been upgraded, then the VCE will display "Super Mode, Reload Keys?".


Please ensure that all cards marked "Manager Card" have been properly upgraded at the county warehouse before they are distributed to the precincts.



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Subject: Voter Card Encoder 1.1.4 [sw-announce]

[note – I am sending this to support b/c there seems to be a problem with the sw-announce list]



VCE-1-1-4.zip is ready.  Password obcrbikyptndh.  In this release:


1.1.4     Aug 16, 2002

·        BUG#1362.  Voted cards still displaying M/VM/VH when inserted into VCE.

·        BUG#1421.  New voter cards result in incorrect ballot programming options - 04 is displayed.

·        BUG#1310.  Unprogrammed ballot keys are accessible with voted voter card.

·        Drop support for older (IMARK) manager cards.