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Re: PCMCIA Card Problems

We had some improvement in Prince George's County yesterday. We have arrived at a rhythm of queuing and downloading that seems to have eliminated the timeout errors. However, we are still experiencing occasional PC cards that download, are checked for the election and it comes up fine, that are then sent to a stand alone TS for the master set of voter access cards to be programmed, which also goes fine. At that point, when the cards are taken to the precinct station for L & A testing, the card produces a "Storage Card Error" when inserted in the touch screen, and the TS prompts you to reformat the card to make it usable.  This is the predominant error we are seeing. To a lesser degree, we are seeing "cluster errors" at the precinct TS. In most cases this prompts us to repair the failed or missing cluster and it does. The election then comes up on the TS.  However, I took several of these "repaired cluster" cards to different TS units, and the same error comes up, it repairs the error and the election comes up on the unit. This is troublesome in that it appears that the error is not really fixed the first time, or it is reoccurring at the next TS unit.  In most cases, we are re-burning the card to instill more confidence in the process.

I have examined all of the "format" failed cards in my notebook from yesterday, and I receive an I/O error on each one when I attempt to access it.

Tom Feehan
Diebold Election Systems
Maryland Project
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