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FW: PCMCIA Card Problems

Out of 830 PCMCIA Cards, approximately 130 failed.
See below from Prince George's County:

This is the short version.  Unfortunately, Hugh does not have the time to go
into great detail, but we really need to get this resolve.

> Our process is to:
> - create PC cards on one of the 13 ethernet stations and paste on labels
> - a clerk then checks to verify that the correct number of cards were
> created
> - the clerk then inserts the card for the 0 machine into a Ballot Station
> that is not connected to ethernet
> - a Voter Card for each party is created
> - the cards are bundled and labeled for the testing Mgr to pick up
> - the cards are placed in the machines assigned to the subject precinct
> and the L&A test is performed
> Our Problems:
> - a card placed in a precinct machine may have any one of the following
> errors:
> 	cluster errors
> 	storage error
> 	no election on card
> Effect on Production:
> This causes us to have to go back and re-create cards out of Prct
> sequence.  This is time consuming since we might have a whole Pct in the
> process of being loaded and the cards to be re-done are not addressed by
> the system until the loading is completed for those PC cards previously
> queued.
> I have not had a chance to do a count but the number of failures on PC
> Cards is significant and might cause us to not have a sufficient number of
> cards.
> Suggestion/Question:
> It would be helpful if there was a way to re-shuffle the queue to create a
> specific card or cards on demand.
> I know this is not a thorough analysis but it is difficult to count bodies
> on the battlefield in the heat of battle.