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Old database files

To whom it may concern,

Would it be possible to set up a system of election databases, such that
items such as databases used for ballot printing, audio files, etc. could be
saved for later retrieval, so we could re-create election environments 2
months, 6 months, even a year later.  I know it would take organization and
disk space, but it seems feasible.  There have been several instances of
late, where we could not reprint ballots (for central count testing) because
we no longer had, or could find the ballot database.  Where we could not
find the GEMS databases so we could do central count for the old ballots
that we found in our garage, because we could find the old database to
create new ballots, again (for central count testing), or today where we
could not find audio files so we could try to re-edit sound files which had
different volume settings, etc.

There should be a central depository of files that we can go back to.  An
alternative is to find a working demo for all our products, but I dropped
that illusion many years ago.  I'll settle for being able to find old files
and not having to re-create the wheel for each demo we do.  (Old PCM audio
files today would have helped us for our Santa Clara demonstration ($20M),
so that we don't go down there with two very different volume levels of
audio for instructions vs. the ballot info for vibs.

In the real world,