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RE: Voter Access Cards/Spyrus encoder

What I have witnessed is that this just happens with some of the cards.

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Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 11:15 AM
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Subject: RE: Voter Access Cards/Spyrus encoder

You are correct this was an issue that came up in the past, but as you
point out you are running 1.1.3, and I have not heard of the problem
before with this release.  The problem is that the old-format manager
cards can be easily misinterpreted by both the ballot station and voter
card encoder.  

The problem won't be with the Spyrus units themselves, so don't worry
about the serial numbers in this case.  You could send me the cards, but
if I look at them I am sure I'll just see what you see.  Best thing you
can do at this point is "monitor the situation" and see if you can find
any pattern as to what is happening.  Previously the problem was that
"virgin cards" right out of the factory were misinterpreted as
old-format manager cards.  Does it happen with all cards you got from
"Atlanta warehouse", or just some of them?

What I would really like to do is just drop support for the old cards so
this can never happen, but there are so many of the old cards in
circulation.  I think we need to consider doing this, even if it causes
some discomfort to users who have not already upgraded their manager
cards in the field.  (They would have to order new supervisor cards from


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Subject: FW: Voter Access Cards/Spyrus encoder

Has anyone else experienced when trying to create a voter access card,
message Upgrade Supervisor Card appears.  This was an issue in the past
thought it was resolved.  The encoder was programmed with 1.1.3, and the
voter access cards this was experienced with has the numbers of
VCG SU004Kc0/T=OB on the back. I believe these voter access cards are
from a
new batch of cards that we received in the Atlanta warehouse.  I
this message when testing these two voter access cards with every Spyrus
that I could get me hands on with 1.1.3 loaded.  Unfortunately, I do not
have any serial numbers of the Spyrus encoders that I confirmed this
bug.  I
have the two voter access cards in my possession should I need to send
for additional testing.