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voter card problem

Hello all,
While doing some testing in Marion County, Ga., I found the following problem:
We are using a new batch of voter cards with the new encoder using 1.1.3., and Ballot Station 4-1-11. The serial number on these cards is
DES1642-1123 VCG SU004KC0/T=OB.  When you first insert the voter card, you get 04 in the area of where you would normally select
(M, VM, or VH).  If at that point you would hit yes to clear, and yes to create and insert that voter card into a unit: You would get a blank screen with Cancel Ballot at the bottom of the screen.
To clear this problem, you have to select clear, then press the * (star) key to toggle thru the M, VM, VH to get to a regular ballot. Then press yes to create a the voter card.  Now, you will get a regular ballot.
Has anyone else seen this error?
Rodney D. Turner