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FW: Voter Access Cards/Spyrus encoder

Has anyone else experienced when trying to create a voter access card, the
message Upgrade Supervisor Card appears.  This was an issue in the past but
thought it was resolved.  The encoder was programmed with 1.1.3, and the two
voter access cards this was experienced with has the numbers of DESI642-1123
VCG SU004Kc0/T=OB on the back. I believe these voter access cards are from a
new batch of cards that we received in the Atlanta warehouse.  I experienced
this message when testing these two voter access cards with every Spyrus
that I could get me hands on with 1.1.3 loaded.  Unfortunately, I do not
have any serial numbers of the Spyrus encoders that I confirmed this bug.  I
have the two voter access cards in my possession should I need to send them
for additional testing.