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RE: PCMCIA Election recovery & JoCoKs election brief report

Good job all who participated!!  Thanks for the report.
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...........and it worked quite well for us in JoCoKs this morning!  We had one memory card "fritz" on us last night and Tab walked me through the recovery process and all is accounted for!  Thanks Tab.  Thanks for standing with us on "standby" last night.  You are an outstanding supporting cast member!
Everyone should send Barry a congratulations for sticking it out with this account.  The JoCoKs Election Commissioner Connie Schmidt expressed to him that she was pleased with the way the machines performed for the election yesterday.  Even though the poll workers were a bit overwhelmed with the transition of a new voting system, she received many positive comment cards from the polling places yesterday and will be sharing those remarks with us for use in support of the DESI election system. 
I want to thank Jane Barth (GEMS goddess) for her calming nature and patient disposition--came in handy about midway through the upload last night (next election you get to bring the Meyers). 
The  entire cast of characters from DESI indeed performed extremely well and I have received many positive comments today, so thanks ya'll.  
We had Gwen, Lisa, Ian, and Kevin from Georgia and Brian Ansel, new project mgr (Alameda Co. CA), and Cory Dukarsky from Omaha experience their first election day and night.  The "initiates" were all eager to learn and somewhat awed by the outstanding organizational operations created by the Johnson County Election staff.  I have asked each of these guys to send me a quick write-up of what this experience was like for them, etc. 
We also "entertained" visitors at this election, Javier Chacon, Assistant Election Administrator from El Paso Co., TX and Elaine and Charles from the Alameda Co. CA election management team.  Lots of "open eyes" and note taking going on yesterday.  All three of our client visitors expressed their appreciation for being allowed to be on-site with us in Johnson County and to "experience" the day from the outside looking in.
I'll put together a more formal report in the near future, but I do want to share this wonderful feeling from the successful election here in Johnson County, Kansas.  Thanks for all good thoughts, prayers and other various acts of kindness.
Later, Lesley
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Subject: PCMCIA Election recovery

This has only been tried on the 4-1-11 ballot station.
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