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RE: WCE 300 - July 05, 2002 Release

I believe the password you have is only for the July 5th edition of WinCE and not the Clock Fix Utility.  Try the password in the info directly below.

<ClockFix Utility Information>
This program (nk.bin) is loaded from the PCMCIA card by the boot loader and then initializes the PIC's RTC.  The program does not get copied to the internal Flash therefore there is no need to re-load the WinCE image after running the clock fix program.  If a valid date already exists then the date will not be modified.

The ClockFix program is on the ftp site under the BS4Fix directory.  It is called ClockFix.zip and password is "and83jd92ndjs". Unzip the file and copy it to a PCMCIA card, then insert the card into the bottom PCMCIA slot and turn the AVTS unit on. It will display a message that it is fixing the clock and then when it is done it will tell the user to turn to unit off.

<End of ClockFix Info>

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Greg, this one worked for me.  Lesley
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The July 4, 2002 release did not update the release date. This is fixed in the July 05, 2000 release which is now on the ftp site.
The password is "njdks893ndj12"