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RE: touch screen

- avoid using the color “red”; difficult to see for visually impaired persons with “low” vision capabilities.   Thick red ovals were promoted because they were able to be seen by weak eyed voters but not seen as Bonnie mentioned by the OS reader.  The comments made were made by a legally blind voter with some sight.  He was not colour blind.

- on the voting machine, the card reader should be better identified.   The card reader should be more easily felt by a blind voter.  Perhaps some raised Braille as well as the green signage.

- candidates should not be “numbered” on the voice instructions.  In the audio header, the candidates were announced with the number they appeared on the ballot.

- on the key pad the “2” should be used to “move up” or “advance” and the “8” to move down or “return” through the list of instructions.  The blind voters testing the telephone ten-key keypad were used to using the cursor keys on a computer keyboard and used the up arrow (8) going back into the text and the down arrow (2) advancing forward.  These were their comments.

They also mentioned they could listen at a rate of 400 words per minute and would have liked some method of increasing the speed of the audio





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I thought the thick red ovals were introduced to the Accu Vote OS ballot because red (certain types or red as mentioned in the Ballot Specs) was a color that could not be read by the visible light reader in the AccuVote-OS. 



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Some comments I have on the attached document:

1.     Thick red ovals were promoted on AccuVote-OS ballots because red was apparently a highly visible color to visually impaired voters - now we are hearing the opposite.

2.     Races are in fact identified every time they are referred to on the audio ballot.  If no action is taken with respect to a current candidate, race text playback is repeated.

3.     How could the card reader be 'better identified' to someone who is blind?

4.     What do you mean by the candidates being numbered on the voice instructions?

5.     Note that the function of the 2 and 8 keys is dissimilar from the 4 and 6 keys.  2 and 8 are activated only if the Race Keys check box is selected in AccuVote-TS Options in GEMS, and allow the operator to immediately skip to the prior race or advance to the next race, without enumerating candidates to the beginning or the end of the candidate list, respectively.

6.     Magnify should always be available as an option, with or without the audio ballot.


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Thank you Mrs. Bergeron.  I will send it to the support group for


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BS 4-3-7  GEMS 1-18-11    Company manufactured ten-key keyboard

Comments received from visually impaired voter

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> Hi Greg
> I'm not sure if Derek sent this information to you after your touch
> presentation in Ottawa.  So, I'll send it along to you now, basically
> notes taken during your presentation and some of the comments might be
> useful to Diebold.
>  <<Touch Screen Voting Presentation - Notes.doc>>
> Catherine Bergeron
> City of Ottawa Elections Officer
> (613) 580-2424, ext. 44127
> catherine.wilson@ottawa.ca