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RE: JResult on Television screen



There are several video adapters that have a TV-OUT option and there are also several external devices that will give you coaxial and RCA output via a VGA input.  Below are some examples:


Gigabyte, ATI Radeon-7000 , 64Mb SDRAM, AGP, w/TV Out

Gigabyte, ATI Radeon-8500Pro, 64Mb DDR, 4xAGP, w/TV Out., Twin View

Abit, Siluro T200, NVIDIA GeForce 2-MX, 4xAGP, 32MB SDRAM, TV Output





That’s just a few, but it’ll give you a start.  Exactly why would you want to connect the server to a TV? Is their monitor that small?





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Has anyone configured JResult Client to display on a television monitor? If so, what adapters or hardware did you use to connect the tv to the computer?


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