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Ballot editing with common Front Plates

Time Frame:

ASAP, Osceola County FL ballots are already late to printer.



2 ballot styles have common Front Plates.

Need to delete a header from one of these, but leave it on the other.

Cannot edit one front plate without the edit reflected on the other.



One of these ballot styles has races on the back and the other does not. Need to remove the Vote Both Sides header from the ballot style that has no races on the back. Since the front plates are shared the removal is reflected on both, causing the two-sided ballot to lose the Vote Both Sides header on its front plate.



Is there a method to solve this dilemma? Is there a way to make the ballot styles use unique front plates?



Solution probably involves hidden/dummy races or headers or something similar that causes my hair to turn gray and fall out.


Thanks in advance,




Mark Earley

850 422-2100 - office/fax

850 322-3226 - cell