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Re: AVTS error message: cluster file corruption

The FFX directory is the internal flash file system that is the persisent storage medium for the AVTS unit. You can think of it as the internal hard disk. You get this error message if you turn the unit off while it is writing to the FFX directory. If this is happening on a number of the units please review what was being on the unit prior to this message being displayed an let use know.
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Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2002 6:07 AM
Subject: AVTS error message: cluster file corruption

Johnson County Kansas
Primary Election
August 6, 2002
Testing Election Day PCMCIA Cards
July 26, 2002
BS: 4.1.11
WinCE: 2.1.2
Units: 101893, 100107, 100109
During creation of the election day PCMCIA election cards, several of the units got cluster file corruption messages:

(a number) of clusters missing from the chain in FFX directory.
OK to save as (file1.chk)?
OK to repair

What is the FFX directory and why would this error message occur?  What is the .chk file that it saved to the AVTS?
Lesley Thompson