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AVTS Header Scrunching (JoCo GEMS 1.17.22/BS 4.1.11)

Good People,

Johnson County is having problems with the header for the Democratic 6th
County Commissioner District in De Soto, it is "scrunched" and noticeably
smaller than the other headers.  We need to know how this happened and how
to correct it.  Could the instruction footer on the touch screen cause the
header to be squeezed?

They are also asking me if they should proof every ballot on the touchscreen
(all 1209 of them).  My answer to them is yes, proof everything, but I
thought I'd run it by you guys for what the company line is.  And, if they
change something to make a correction on one ballot, how do they know it
will not affect something that has already been proofed?

I'm trying to get them some answers ASAP because they are about at their
limit on ballot problems this election.

Thanks to anyone who can help!