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RE: New Zero Report for Excessively Long Primary Ballots

I am posting this to Support since my suggestion does not involve an rcr.


Perhaps the overly long zero tape can be bypassed procedurally via a form (not generated by the AVTS unit) certifying the system has been cleared and set for election, and attesting to the fact that the “setting for election” process has been tested by outside laboratories and does in fact zero all of the counters and blah blah blah. If they adopt this type of process, the Zero report could be omitted. The zero state of the machine could be verified by certifying that the public counter is set at zero.


Of course I understand this will not fly, but I suggest it anyway. It is a procedural approach to the problem instead of trying to rework the coding at the last minute.


Mark Earley

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AVTS does not use the AccuBasic .abo files.  This was implemented by Denise for the Ballot Station 4.4 release, but I don’t think Johnson will be willing to upgrade to 4.4 this year let alone August.


We’d be open to alternate creative solutions, but I can’t off the cuff think of any that wouldn’t involve a BS software upgrade.





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Request an RCR to change ABO file ( this controls the format and style of all AVTS and AVOS printer Reports) to print a new Zero Report that simply states that all races for all candidates for all parties are Zero as an affidavit.  And that the judge’s signature verifies that the on screen counter is indeed Zero.


Situation:  For their Aug6 Primary Election, JoCoKs will have 3 advance voting locations with a total of 120 AVTS units deployed for early voting in person.  In a test run it was discovered that to print the zero report from the advance voting PCMCIA election card before the polls open on the first day of voting will require at the minimum 40 minutes for each report and almost a roll of paper.  (Primary election has three parties, two of which have the precinct committee people.)  Also, on election day, the final report from each AVTS advanced voting unit is typically printed centrally, and we are looking at the same requirements. 


DATE: 7/17/02


AVTS:  WinCE 2.1.2/BS 4.1.11

AVOS: CC 2.00g

GEMS: 1.17.22


Lesley Koop Thompson
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