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RE: Remote Access Service configuration in Windows 2000/XP

You have sufficient access.  Put it in pub/incoming on ftp.dieboldes.com.  If you have any problems, contact Josh and he will help you out.





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    I have developed 2 desktop shortcuts to address this issue.  They are being placed on all the Windows 2000 GEMS servers deployed in Georgia.  The first icon calls on a batch file that stops the various RAS services and the second icon starts them.  I have created an auto run CD as well as an auto extracting ZIP file that will place these shortcuts and the batch files onto the Windows 2000 GEMS server automatically.  This tool is part of the field support CD I developed for Keith Long's Field Support team.


    I don't have sufficient access to the Diebold FTP servers so I am making this installer available to all of you for download on my JPR Enterprises, Inc. FTP server.  The file name is: RAS CONTROLLERS.EXE


    username:    dieboldguest

    password:    matt633



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James P. Rellinger, MCSE

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Subject: Remote Access Service configuration in Windows 2000/XP

Scenario:  A client's system is configured with a larger number of ports in order to accomodate the various transmission needs that arise on the GEMS host computer, primarily AccuVote-OS and AccuVote-TS direct and modem uploads.  As much as the initial functionality assignments are intended to be static, in the real world - and from my experience - clients tend to change the tasks ports are assigned to. 


Direct and modem transmission with the AccuVote-TS R6 requires that RAS be configured over the corresponding ports, whereas AccuVote-OS transmission does not require RAS for transmission.  In a Windows NT environment, configuring and stopping RAS is a relatively transparent affair.


In Windows 2000 and XP, on the other hand, stopping RAS over a port requires accessing Windows Administrative Tools, then Services, then stopping the Remote Access Connection Manager.  Should we be encouraging our clients to access Services on their GEMS PCs in such a case?  Do we tell clients that once they have started RAS on a port, they are never to disable RAS?  Or do we allow only company staff to configure ports on GEMS PCs?


These scenarios seems potentially troublesome, considering the amount of time I remember spending over the years configuring clients' systems for transmission.


Suggestions, anyone?