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RE: Connection to RAS on W2K/XP for TS

Hi Greg:
To answer you questions, see steps 5, 6, 7 and 8.
These instructions assume you have set up the AccuVote-TS to communicate with the GEMS host
via modem, null modem or a serial cable connection.
To set up RAS (Remote Access Services) for a GEMS host running on Windows 2000 Professional:
1) Start>Settings>Control Panels.
2) Double-click the Network and Dial-up Connections icon. Click Next.
3) Select Accept incoming connections (assuming you are configuring the GEMS host/RAS PC to
accept incoming connections from the AccuVote-TS using a modem, null modem cable or serial cable connection)
and click Next.
4) Check the box next to Communications cable between two computers (COM1), (or the name of the modem
you are using) and click Properties.
5) On the General tab, verify that the Port speed is set to 19200. Change the Flow control option from
Hardware to None. Click the Advanced tab.
6) Verify Data bits is set to 8, Parity is set to None, and Stop bits is set to 1. Click OK, then click Next.
(Note: The settings noted in steps 5 and 6 must match the settings for the corresponding options in the
Edit Transfer Parameters>Advanced>Device Properties>Port settings tab in the Ballot Station.)
7) Verify Do not allow virtual private connections is selected and click Next.
8) Select the check box next to the name of the user you would like to allow to connect to the computer,
or click Add... to add a new user.
If you are adding a new user, enter a User Name, Full Name, and password for the user. Confirm the
user's password by entering it in the Confirm password field and and click OK. (Note: You must have
Administrator privileges to create users and passwords. Note also that User name and Password
settings must match the settings for the corresponding options in the Edit Transfer Parameters screen
in the Ballot Station.)
9) Verify Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is checked and click the Properties button. Select Assign TCP/IP
addresses automatically if your RAS server is on a network that uses DHCP, or click Specify TCP/IP
addresses and enter a range of addresses for the AccuVote-TS devices you would like the RAS server to
accept communication from. Check the Allow calling computer to specify its own IP address option.
10) Enter a name for your connection and click Finish.
If there are additional considerations that users should be aware of, please let me know.
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Subject: RE: Connection to RAS on W2K/XP for TS

Would you mind listing the correct value for the following and where the settings are to be made?




Flow control

Proper authentication setup






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Subject: Connection to RAS on W2K/XP for TS


This message is applicable if anyone is having problems connecting to RAS on W2K/XP using the Accuvote-TS.


It was found that by default, a connection to RAS requires two or three rings before a connection is established.  The TS itself only sends one ring for every attempt to connect to RAS.  In order to remedy this situation, the registry must be edited to tell Windows a specified number of rings before picking up.


NOTE: This only is applicable to Windows 2000/XP


In the following path:




Add the following REG_DWORD value:




Modify this value to 1


Now the amount of rings before pickup should only be one.


You must also ensure all other settings are correct such as correct baud, parity, flow control, and proper authentication setup.