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Spyrus Battery Power Consumption

I finally have some info from Spyrus on the consumption of battery power. 
Sitting on the Shelf   
The Spyrus units lose battery power just sitting on the shelf.  After installing a fresh set of batteries, it would take approx. one year before they died.
Operation Scenario
On a fresh set of batteries, and based on the operation model noted below, the Spyrus can program approx. 1300 smart cards before needing another fresh set of batteries.
   Operation model:  Assumed each operation takes 2 minutes, and during the two minutes operation, the smart card is powered on for 20 seconds.
    During the 2 minutes operation, the PAR2 is running at full power for 30 seconds, and low power for 90 seconds. When the PAR2 is
    waiting for a key input, or processing a command from the Diebold application, it would be running in the low power mode
As an example, taking both power consumption factors into account, a Spyrus unit never used after fresh batteries were installed and sitting on a shelf for 6 months would have 50% battery power left.  It would therefore be able to program approx. 650 smart cards (half of the 1300.)
Ian S. Piper
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.