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RE: new encoder with 1.1.3

It has been suggested before, but got bogged down in the details.  Question is, if we for the user to remove the card after a create operation, do we also do likewise when clearing cards.  That always appears less compelling.  If we do it with create but not with clear, then we loose the nice symmetry we have right now.





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In an ideal world and in an ideal training enivironment we should have the "Encoder" (GA)  say "DONE" or "REMOVE" once the card is created -

my students got confused at the "Create?"  "Clear?" and counldn't tell if the card was ready to vote or not -

Ga has very gracious people and the Peaches are awesome

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Subject: new encoder with 1.1.3


I have found the following when using the new "Diebold Voter Card Encoder" with 1.1.3 during training in

Columbus, GA.


From the encoder I created the following "voter cards"; ("M") magnified ballot, ("VM") visual magnified, and

("VH") visual hidden



The units were set in election mode and the cards were voted then re-inserted to clear and program again.


When you re-insert the ("M") voter card the display on the encoder reads M "create"

When you re-insert the ("VM") voter card the display on the encoder reads VM "create"

When you re-insert the ("VH") voter card the display on the encoder reads VH "clear" 


Correct me if I am wrong, but when you re-insert the card for re-programming it should simply say "clear", then you select "yes", then it should say "create", it should not have the codes,(M, VM, VH) there at all.  The way it is now, you can NOT clear the voter card, if you have selected one of the codes. You can create a new card as long as you are going to use one of the codes, i.e., "M", "VM", "VH".


This was confusing for my students, in that once they created a card with one of the codes, they could not re-use that card as a regular voter card, meaning not able to access a regular ballot.


Pleas let me know if I need to post this to the bugtrack once it is back in action.


Rodney D. Turner