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"invalid backup election.brs" error message questions BS 4.1.11

Can anyone tell me what the cause of the BallotStation error message
"invalid backup election.brs" means and/or is caused by?

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From: "Schmidt, Connie, ELC" <Connie.Schmidt@jocoks.com>
To: <lesley@dieboldes.com>
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 5:03 PM
Subject: FW: Questions BS 4.1.11

> for your information.
> Connie
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> From: Horn, Sarah, ELC
> The error message "invalid backup election.brs" pre-dates version BS
> In addition to Debbie's discovery of it during acceptance testing, we saw
> several times prior to the April election when we were re-setting machines
> during training. Our theory then was that it occurred when we had removed
> PC card from one TouchScreen machine and put it into a different one.
> Stuart and Kris received the message repeatedly, on multiple TouchScreens.
> when re-setting cards for training.

I dug around in my e-mails to find this communication with Jeff from
November.  The very first shipment of 150 machines that we received on
November 1, 2001, we received that "Invalid backup election.brs. Okay to
restore from main file?" message.  No mention of it was made in following
e-mails or phone conversations.  I am interested to know what you find out.

Debbie Tyrrel

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> From: Lesley Thompson [mailto:lesley@dieboldes.com]

> Debbie,
> To follow up on our phone call:
 In Windows CE 2.0, changes to these settings must be "flushed" to make them
> permanent.
> The flush.exe program is found in the ffx directory which is either in the
> control panel or windows directory.
> To get to the "My Computer" desktop go into the install process by placing
> the upgrade install pcmcia card in bottom slot.
> Once changes are set, will need to keep these units segregated or "flush"
> all units and replace IP address.
> It is suggested that we move you to Windows CE 3.0, especially on the
> to be used in the upload process.
> Windows CE 3.0 allows for automatic IP addressing using dhcp (direct host
> control protocol).
> The GEMS server will also need to be set up as a dhcp server.
> The dhc protocol will allow you to use any units as upload units because
> the automatic recognition of the IP addressing.
> We do have a letter from ITA approving the use of winCE 3.0 operation
> on the AVTS Ballot Stations and I will have a copy faxed to you.
> Let me know if you are interested in upgrading to the windows CE 3.0
> operating system and I will submit the order.
> Please note that the next Ballot Station upgrade series will require
> CE 3.0 operating system.
> If you only upgrade the operating system on the units to be used for
> uploads, will want to keep these units segregated.
> FYI: currently Georgia is using WinCE 3.0 and BS 4.1.11 and will be moving
> to BS 4.3.x after November.
> I am following up on the BS 4.1.11 error message re. invalid backup
> election.
> Lesley

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> From: "Tyrrel, Debbie, ELC" <Debbie.Tyrrel@jocoks.com>

> > Lesley:
> > We are finding during our mock election to test election night
> > that the new version of the firmware on the TS units does not save the
> > Network card setting.  Any time that the Network card is accidentally
> > ejected with the election PC card, the Network card setting has to be
> > reentered.  Jeff had told Kris that the setting was saved on the Network
> > card, but that apparently is not the case and it is not being saved in
> > unit either.  Is there any way around this problem?  Debbie