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Yesterday at the National Federation of the Blind Conference, a user
listened to the initial instructions and pressed the 6 key to begin voting.
However, he pressed the 5 key before the ballot even began.  This resulted
in a vote being cast for the first candidate in the very last race on the
ballot. (The audio was operating in "show ballot" mode.)  When I tried to
back up to the beginning  to enable him to vote the entire ballot, I
received a "fatal error" message. This required turning the unit off and
back on to resume functioning.

The incident occurred using a new PCMCIA card which had been sent to the
conference to fix an earlier problem.

Has this type of problem been reported before?  Is it something that might
occur as we use the VIBS in upcoming elections?

The American Foundation of the Blind wants to do an evaluation of our system
in the very near future.  Is there a different database or ballot station
version which will avoid this error?

Deborah Seiler