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deleting election files from PCMCIA cards

Hi all,
Below is a question from Johnson County Kansas.  Can anyone explain if the deleted files are actually removed from the PCMCIA card when deleted and if not, then how these files are "purged" from the PCMCIA cards?
Thanks.  Lesley
We have been deleting the old election off the PC cards before loading the new election, which
would be our practice even if it was not necessary to do so in GEMS.

However, it appears to Kris that the old election is not truly deleted, but
renamed as a different file. 
Is that the case and if so, we are concerned
that eventually the PC card will become too full and will not allow further
voting.  It would be disastrous if this should occur on election day. 
Our old system used "cartridges" that were cleared and reprogrammed for every
election.  We used the same cartridges over and over again for 14 years.
Would you please investigate for us and let us know?