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Re: charging indicator on R6 running 4-3-9

I had a long discussion with Ian yesterday on how the system determines battery status.  I will try to summarize how the system works.
The first issue that one must understand is that it is not possible to determine the battery life when a battery is being charged. Only by putting a battery under a load can the life of a battery be determined.  Therefore to determine the battery life the AVTS unit does the following:
1) When the AVTS unit is first turned on, and a battery is present, the system operates for the first 130 seconds on battery power and determines the actually battery life. During this time the system reports the battery status of the system when it was last turned off.  After the initial battery test is completed the revised battery life is reported. 
2) After the first 130 seconds the AC power is applied to the system and the battery is in a 'charging' state.  While the battery is in a charging state the system watches the battery voltage and current flow to try to 'estimate' the battery life.  Only when the AC power is lost or the system is turned on again is an actual battery life determined. The actual battery life verse 'estimated' life is dependant on the type and condition of the actual battery.
It appears from the reports we are getting that the 'estimated' life is too great which is why you are seeing the battery life suddenly drop from 99% to 87% after the 130 seconds.
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Subject: Re: charging indicator on R6 running 4-3-9

to followup - turned it on this morning and it said 99 - now - 10 minutes later it says 82%
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Subject: RE: charging indicator on R6 running 4-3-9

Yes, I also see that.  The unit will be at 99% and when I just turn it off for a few seconds and then back on, the battery goes down to 87%.  Have you ever seen it at 100%?
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Subject: charging indicator on R6 running 4-3-9

has anyone noticed that if they are using the R6 and it says 99% charged and then turn it off and on the next day that it says charging at a lower % say 85% -like it lost 14%
this is what I am seeing and need to verify with someone else