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RE: OS and TS upload

they will have to operate in conjunction with each other.  There will be accounts that will have the combo in the precincts.  This should be considered in our planning now.
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As an aside to this, in the state of Georgia, absentee ballots are only opened as of 7pm on election day, which means that polling results should be in well before absentees.  Polling takes place using the AccuVote-TS unit, and absentee processing using the AccuVote-OS.  In this case, the jurisdiction may safely upload all polling results, and once those are finished, they may upload all absentees in one batch.  This is a suggested procedure in case we cannot be assured that the GEMS AccuVote-OS Server and AccuVote-TS Server consoles may run safely in tandem.
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Subject: OS and TS upload

Can anyone tell me what the present procedures are for uploading results when both OS and TS units are used? I have heard both ways - that they can upload at the same time and that they cannot. If they cannot it is going to be a real problem as juridiction start to use at least one TS in each polling place, which is what many OS customers are looking to do in the future.
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