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RE: Where are new bugs posted to?

Rather than query on nobody, you can just click on “my bugs” in the bugzilla main page to see what is going on with your bugs.  I think you might have been thrown off this week since both Tab and I were out of the office and many of the new bugs have not been yet assigned to engineers.  I am working through them today.


Josh, do users get an initial email when they post a new bug, or just when there is subsequent activity?  If not, would such an email be desirable?  Kinda like an “order confirmation”.





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good - thanks for verifying and explaining how it works


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Subject: RE: Where are new bugs posted to?


Tari, when you report a new bug for a product, it has a status of "new" and is assigned to nobody@gesn.com - you may wish to query for bugs based on this information.


You can either search for new bugs manually from the Bug Report Query page (https://staff.gesn.com/bugzilla/query.cgi) or you can look in the appropriate category on the "Shortcuts to commonly-used queries page" which I wrote (https://staff.gesn.com/bugzilla/shortcuts.html).


In short, no, nothing is wrong.




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Subject: Where are new bugs posted to?

I reported 2 bugs yesterday with the BSNT 4-3-9 and have to see them post - is there something wrong?  I am also getting confirmation of one of them on BS4-3-9 running CE3 although it is intermittent and unpredictable.