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RE: question : can we count all seq # in one vote center

It doesn’t ignore sequence numbers – that would rather defeat their purpose.  What we call “smart combined absentee sequence numbers” was introduced in 1.94r, I guess.  The only reference I could find to it is here.  Central Count implements this as well.  If you have a combined absentee counter group and vote center with more than one report precinct, then the AVOS will try to figure out the report precinct based on the card id, rather than on the precinct number or sequence number.  Documentation folks, I don’t think that this feature is really documented anywhere.  (n.b. – the “auto absentee” feature is something different).

Tari, whether this will be of any help to them depends on how they want to report their provisional ballots.  If they are counting them into a combined counter group, this is probably what you want.





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Tari: Jeff Co Ky was able to do this by use of an S chip in the AV firmware. It is my understanding that the use of this chip will ignore seq numbers. It is used in the absentee and mail in only not at the precinct level.


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Subject: question : can we count all seq # in one vote center


I have a client who wants to issue provisional at the polls.  She has seq id's up to seq 3 and then wants to count them all on a provisional card -  (which counts seq 1 ballots only unless I am mistaken -

so how do we count seq 3 ballots in a provisional vote center and report them separately - or is it not possible?