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RE: OS and TS upload

I need clarification on this also, as most of the Florida counties eventually want one TS and one OS in each precinct. My understanding was that you would create an AVOS memory card and an AVTS memory card for each report precinct – the hard part is doing that. See attached test database for my attempt at this.


While the method was not intuitive, I think I managed to build something that would work by making a separate Counter Group (each with its own Vote Center Type) for the OS precinct machines and the TS precinct machines. My question is would the results from each set of machines (OS and TS) add correctly for each of the reporting precincts?


Also, my understanding is that you would need one set of modem ports for AVOS upload and one set of modem ports for AVTS upload. Each set of ports would have its own rollover phone number. The AVTS ports would also be configured for RAS.


Is this the way to do it?


All of this is just speculation based upon trial and error this past hour. I have not actually downloaded or uploaded any cards or results.


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Can anyone tell me what the present procedures are for uploading results when both OS and TS units are used? I have heard both ways - that they can upload at the same time and that they cannot. If they cannot it is going to be a real problem as juridiction start to use at least one TS in each polling place, which is what many OS customers are looking to do in the future.

Thanks: Don

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