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RE: Where are new bugs posted to?

Tari, when you report a new bug for a product, it has a status of "new" and is assigned to nobody@gesn.com - you may wish to query for bugs based on this information.
You can either search for new bugs manually from the Bug Report Query page (https://staff.gesn.com/bugzilla/query.cgi) or you can look in the appropriate category on the "Shortcuts to commonly-used queries page" which I wrote (https://staff.gesn.com/bugzilla/shortcuts.html).
In short, no, nothing is wrong.
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Subject: Where are new bugs posted to?

I reported 2 bugs yesterday with the BSNT 4-3-9 and have to see them post - is there something wrong?  I am also getting confirmation of one of them on BS4-3-9 running CE3 although it is intermittent and unpredictable.