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RE: testing BSCE4.3...

There was an RCR request on the AccuVote-OS report to make sure the ballots cast was at the BOTTOM of the report, so that during canvass they didn't have to unroll 18feet of tape to see the ballot cast total.  I would think this would be relevant to the AccuVote-TS as well.  Did this modification make it into an AV-OS accubasic report?
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Thanks - BTW  - the long report on BS4.3.9 prints the summary by ballot not by precinct.  Is this expected behavior?  I would think we would get the summary report then the number of ballots cast by precinct after that .
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Hi Tari,
While I was away on vacation, there were 7-8 new releases.  To ensure stability, I will be going through all of them in order to ensure that the bugs were fixed.  Once the bug fixes have been verified, I will move on to the most recent version.  At this time it is difficult to estimate when I will be testing the most recent release, but it has been prioritized and is in my queue.  I hope I to begin working on 4.39 next week sometime.  Hope that helps.
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Subject: testing BSCE4.3...

We have a primary election on August 13, 2002
I spent 2 days in E l Paso changing software on 80 TS units .
Would it be possible for Someone up there to test the hellout of the 4.3.9 before I call El Paso and tell them to upgrade the 80 units again?? 
If no one is available - I will do it - but the bugs need to be gotten now and fixed and a stable version decided - 
Before we get to the EV opening on Aug 3