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RE: testing BSCE4.3...

Hi Tari,
While I was away on vacation, there were 7-8 new releases.  To ensure stability, I will be going through all of them in order to ensure that the bugs were fixed.  Once the bug fixes have been verified, I will move on to the most recent version.  At this time it is difficult to estimate when I will be testing the most recent release, but it has been prioritized and is in my queue.  I hope I to begin working on 4.39 next week sometime.  Hope that helps.
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Subject: testing BSCE4.3...

We have a primary election on August 13, 2002
I spent 2 days in E l Paso changing software on 80 TS units .
Would it be possible for Someone up there to test the hellout of the 4.3.9 before I call El Paso and tell them to upgrade the 80 units again?? 
If no one is available - I will do it - but the bugs need to be gotten now and fixed and a stable version decided - 
Before we get to the EV opening on Aug 3