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Re: GEMS-1-18-11

See below.
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Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 2:06 PM
Subject: GEMS-1-18-11

GEMS-1-18-11 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-18-11.zip   bw2rb3nmp1ndr


  • Disabled the ability to add or delete languages when an election’s status is "Set For Election".
  • Report Precinct ID values are now limited to a range from 0 to 999,999,999.
  • Fixed problem where the set of cards displayed in the Cards with Races and Cards with Base Precincts reports did not match the set of cards displayed in the GEMS tree view.
  • All race types are now displayed by their full names in the Type column of the Race Report.
  • Changed controlling race column label to "Controlling Race" in the Race Report.
  • Base precinct Ids are now displayed correctly in the Vote Centers with Cards by ID report.
How are the prior four changes to be implemented without a corresponding upgrade in Crystal Reports?.
  • The F5 key can now be used to refresh the application screen.
  • When adding candidate, if the election status is set to Cards Laid Out, the label assigned to the new candidate will be “Reg. Write-in”.
  • Fixed problem that prevented highlight focus from returning to an entity in tree view after it as been edited.
  • Fixed problem that prevented a non-HOST regional user to use Reset Election in order to clear the counters.
  • Reduced flashing when refreshing Tree view and List view.
  • An editor for an entity in Tree view can now only be opened when its icon or label is clicked on.
  • Set the default ballot text to "Header", "Race" and "Candidate", regardless of language selected.
  • When adding a new header or race, the Header or Race Id is included in the default .rtf text.
  • Ballots with unplaced races cannot be saved in the Ballot Editor.