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Re: WinCE 3.00 June 7th Release

The epboot.nb0 file is used to create the EPROMS which are used during initialial production.  I have included these in the zip file so all the files for this release are kept together.

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What is the epboot.nb0 file?  Why donít we need it?  Why would we need it?  How is it different from the fboot.nb0 file?





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Subject: WinCE 3.00 June 7th Release


The new WinCE 3.00 and bootloader are on the ftp site.  The file is WCE300-020607.zip and the password is "idns84jdb712f".


Note: Coy the fboot.nb0 and nk.bin files to a pcmcia card and install in the bottom slot of the AVTS unit and the turn the system on. You do not need the epboot.nb0 file.