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Re: VIBS Voter Card Encoding Problem?

One of the really nice parts of our system from my standpoint is how many "user interface" style we have:
1. Touch only (standard)
2. Touch only with Magnify (used alot)
3. Vibs Hidden with Keypad (used the least I think)
4. Vibs Non-Hidden with Touchscreen (bad eyesight but not blind - used more than hidden)
5. Vibs Vibs Non-Hidden with Keypad (disabled only voters)
Having the H on the Spyrus/PCC maintains this flexibility.
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 7:46 PM
Subject: RE: VIBS Voter Card Encoding Problem?

It is the “expected” behavior.  But presumably not the behavior you want.  


There are two VIBS modes, one that hides the ballot, and one that doesn’t.  You control it on the Ballot Station and PCC with the “hide ballot” checkbox.  The Voter Card Encoder (Spyrus) only creates the cards that don’t hide the ballot – there is no analogous checkbox to hide the ballot.


It would be pretty easy to change the software to have an “H” option, in addition to “V” and “M”.  H would mean a hidden VIBS ballot.  I thought about it at the time V was added, but was (and am) worried that the number of flags was getting out of hand.  Also, that H gives you a VIBS ballot didn’t strike me as very obvious.  The other possibility is to have a setup parameter as part of the Supervisor mode which dictates whether VIBS ballots are hidden or not.  After it is set up, all subsequent uses of V are either hidden or not, depending. 


Do you have any thoughts/suggestions on the matter?  The H thing is a little easier to implement, but not by much.  If we do the option thing, what should be the default?  Do more people want the VIBS ballot hidden, or visible?





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Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 5:25 PM
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Subject: VIBS Voter Card Encoding Problem?


During GA Training today, created a VIBS Voter Card by using the * method on the Encoder. Inserted into machine in Election Mode and heard audio ballot but screen was not hidden. Did not have a keyboard or headphone attached – none available.


Is this the expected behavior? Did I leave out a step to make the screen go blank while voting the audio ballot? Possibly programmed Encoder improperly?


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