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Re: Tulare R4 Upgrade

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Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 9:43 AM
Subject: Tulare R4 Upgrade

On Tari's behalf:
We will be upgrading tulare co's R4 units to the latest ballot station for early voting.  (Yes, we already tried to get them to upgrade to R6s).
The items we know we need so far are:
1.18.10 GEMS
1.18.10 TSText
BS_NT 4.3.8
fmod.dll in System32 directory
They have two Axion 152 card reader units.   They will setup at a remote site with a modem link to their DFM system, running VCProgrammer. 
1. Is there a new driver we need to run the Axion readers?
You will need VCProgrammer 4.x series. You should use 4.1.5 since it is the latest version.
2. What other software or drivers will we need to upgrade?
If they are using multiple lanaguages make sure they have installed the fonts.

They do not have keypads for vibs that I am aware of, nor do they plan on using vibs.