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RE: PCC (fka Poll Book) Questions

Leather Case, $70.  Never seen one myself.  Has any thought been put into this?  Not that I am aware of.  I imagine that you could store them pretty tight on very short/shallow shelves, on end, in their case.  But that is just a thought off the cuff.


Something else that I don’t think there has been a lot of thought put into is keeping these things charged.  There is no permanent storage on a Jornada:  if the battery dies, you loose everything, including the application software.  This is different from the Spyrus, which keeps the software and “database” even if you remove the batteries.  What is worse, once the main battery dies, it starts draining the “backup” battery, which is the little nickel battery in the compact flash compartment.  When the backup dies, the unit starts popping up an annoying message telling you the backup battery is dead.  I don’t think this message can be suppressed. 


We could put a small compact flash card in the bottom of the unit to provide some nonvolatile storage that would make resurrecting the software and database without reloading possible.  But that would incur the cost of the flash card and I don’t know that this is really a win logistically though.  I am pretty sure the user would still have to go through the HP setup wizard though to calibrate the screen and set the clock, so it would have to be an “administrator” thing, not a pollworker thing.  If you go through that hassle and have to replace the backup battery to boot, reloading the software, which is as easy as inserting the appropriate PCMCIA card and turning the unit on, doesn’t see like such a big deal.  32MB CF cards appear to be about $25 for what it is worth.


The way AVOS (and I presume AVTS) accounts are set up is with the units plugged into power outlets all the time, and then turned on periodically via a central switch to charge them.  I guess you’d need something similar for the 300 PCC units.  Isn’t all this technology great?





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Ken, has any thought been given to the type of "travel case" these little guys should be transported to and from and/or stored in at the warehouse?  Les