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RE: changing BS format

I don’t follow you.  Can you please explain the problem?  The button was moved to the test count section, which makes a lot of sense.  What of that?





From: owner-support@gesn.com [mailto:owner-support@gesn.com] On Behalf Of Tari Runyan
Monday, June 10, 2002 6:56 PM
To: Support;
Subject: changing BS format


who made the decision to lose /move the view ballot option in the test count section.  This may be a nice touch but imagine loading it up at a customer site and trying to view the ballots only to find the button gone -  now that it is loaded - only  5 machines I can go back tomorrow and load all 80 withthe new BS software that to my knowlege isn't tested - in an election I have run anyway - and all for the sake of audio files  

something seems wrong with this picture