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RE: printing labels

I am taking this to the support list since it is not a bug.  The
submission has been marked as such in Bugzilla.

Sue, the short answer to your question is no, there is no way to hook up
an impact or inkjet printer to the R6.  The original R6 designed called
for an impact printer for the very reason you site, but this was changed
at sales' insistence late in the game.

We are in the process of developing a standalone application to create
PCMCIA cards including labels from a PC.  This includes support for
inkjet label printers.  In the mean time, they'll pretty much have to
make due with the printer as it exists.  It is technically possible to
rig up a label printer to the VIBS keypad port, but I don't think that
is in the cards.


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Is it possible connect an Impact printer to the TS6?  Maryland would
like to
print a label, rather than taping the printout from the thermal printer
the PCMCIA card.

The issues:
1.  The thermal printout fades  (some brands of invisible tape seem to
the printout fade quickly)
2.  Ease of use - attaching a label would be quicker

Or - is there a thermal label that could be used in our printer?

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