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RE: Manager Card vs Administrator Card

Title: RE: Manager Card vs Administrator Card
I think it needs to be on a case by case basis during the transition period.  We shouldn't change anyone's order without discussing it with their support/sales person first.  In the Maryland case, let's ask Sue how she wants to handle it.  I will put this out on the support list so others can take part.  Let's change the standard to "Supervisor", but make "Manager" available as a special order such that we do not force any customers to change mid-project.  However, we should be recommending "Supervisor" since it will match the documentation and the software. 
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I believe that Maryland already has some Manager Cards but they haven't received all of them yet.  Do we swap out the existing Manager Cards for Supervisor Cards?  Do we continue to ship Manager Cards for consistency?  Or do we let them deal with a mix?
What about all the other customers who have partial shipments on their Manager Cards, or want additional cards in the future?
These are a few of my favorite questions that nobody wants to answer.
I don't have the detail as to what's been shipped and what needs to be shipped, but perhaps accounting can get that info for us.
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