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Re: undervotes on the TS

Appreciate you running it by development.  What have the folks in development heard from the customers when they've been out in the field at elections on this issue?
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 3:18 PM
Subject: RE: undervotes on the TS

There is no such flag, though this feature has been requested several times.  There is a bit of a debate as to what to do with the summary screens and undervote.  There are a couple of schools.  One school says highlight them in red, just like blank votes.  I am of that school FWIW.  Another school says undervotes are perfectly acceptable, and they shouldn’t be highlighted.  A third school says they should be highlighted in a color other than red, presumably yellow.  I suppose a forth school would be to make the thing entirely configurable by the user.


Let me bounce it off devel and we’ll make a command decision one way or the other.  Right now not many people seem happy with the current state of affairs, which is to not do anything special with undervotes on the summary screen.





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Subject: undervotes on the TS


in 4.1.11 Lisa reports

On the TS,
in a vote for 2 race, he votes for one only.  It is not showing up as highlighted for and undervoted race in the review screen unless he votes for none.  IS this something we need to set in the database?


Is there a flag in Gems like there is for the AVOS to reject undervotes for the TS or does it just ignore an undervote?