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Re: GEMS 1.17.17 Base Precincts with Cards Report

Thanks for reporting.  Could you give us more detail on how it fails, and how it works in 1.17.22?  Did you get the report file bundle with GEMSIS-1-17-17?  A test database will really help.
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Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 21:27
Subject: GEMS 1.17.17 Base Precincts with Cards Report

Base Precincts with Cards pre-election report does not appear to work properly in 1.17.17. I did a search on staff site of support list and noted that this report was not working on 1.17.14. It seems that the earliest version of GEMS with a working BP w/ C is 1.17.22, or maybe it was 1.17.20.


What are people advising counties if this is not a functioning report?


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