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RE: VoteHere in Georgia????

City election.  Not too surprising. 


What is interesting though is the ViewPad 1000's.  I have thought about getting one in for evaluation for the precinct control center, but they are like $2000 street price, so I never considered them in the running.


As to VoteHere’s technical model, must be big pain to network all those ViewPad’s to city hall, eh?





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Down upon the Suwanee




Government Computer News - STATE LINES


Vol. 21 No. 12






When voters in Suwanee, Ga., vote in the special election in the city hall

building on Aug. 20, they'll be the first voters in the state to use an

electronic touch-screen voting system for two consecutive elections in a





Voters will choose a replacement for former city councilman Andrew Krieman,

who moved to New Jersey early this year.




The city chose a voting system from VoteHere Inc. of Bellevue, Wash. Suwanee

will use VoteHere Version 3.1 software. Written in Linux, VoteHere runs on

ViewPad 1000 tablet PCs from ViewSonic Corp. of Walnut, Calif. The tablets

each have an 800-MHz Intel Celeron processor and 128M of RAM.




Each tablet will sit on a table with privacy screens, said Jennifer Curley,

director of government affairs for VoteHere. The tablets are connected to a

Compaq server inside city hall.