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RE: Manager Card vs Administrator Card

This isn’t an opinion thing, guys.  The term is supervisor.  End communication.





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Subject: Re: Manager Card vs Administrator Card


Personally, I don't have much of an opinion one way or another.  However, the term 'Supervisor' is used in a slightly different context for the AccuVote-OS and AccuVote-TS products, as I have explained in a prior submission.  All product documentation currently refers to the Administrator card, not a Supervisor card.  Nonetheless, implementing this terminology change in our documentation is trivial.



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From: Ian S. Piper

Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 7:19 AM

Subject: RE: Manager Card vs Administrator Card


I'm moving this to the support list.


There appears to be some campaigning going on. I was only aware of the one camp that supported "Supervisor", but there is now a surprise candidate, "Administrator", that has just announced his/her nomination. 


I believe that the term "Supervisor" was posted to both the support and Sales Lists requesting comments on the use of that term.  As there was only limited but positive response (and no other candidates), it was decided that "Supervisor" would be used on the previously known "Manager Cards".


"Supervisor" was nominated early due to the fact this term is entrenched in not only the AV-TS software/documentation but also the AV-OS software/documentation.  The idea was to create consistency across our product lines.  It was a good idea before an unknown campaign was being developed by some special interest groups.  Now we may have a real political situation.


Since the quiet acceptance of "Supervisor", development has been moving forward with the use of this term on smart card artwork and any other areas that required changes to maintain the desired consistency.


When it comes down to a customer wanting a custom term used on their smart cards, there are two factors to consider.  One is "the customer is always right" but have them pay for it.  I.e., they can pay to have documentation changed and to have smart cards replaced.  The other factor is "do we want to support customization in the field?"  Consider a first line telephone support person getting calls about Manager Cards, Supervisor Cards, Administrator Cards, Overseer Cards, Top of the Food Chain Cards, and having all of those terms mean the same thing depending on what account he/she is talking to.


IMHO, I think we should stick to the one term, "Supervisor."  The customers will accept if an outrageous price tag is attached for changing it.




Ian S. Piper

Diebold Election Systems, Inc.




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I hope I am the only one who is confused, but I doubt it.  Brian Brucker (DES Procurement) is in the process of changing the Manager cards to Supervisor cards.  We were told that Supervisor matched most of the documentation.  Which should it be?   ...Pat


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From: Nel Finberg [mailto:nel@gesn.com]
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Subject: Re: Manager Card vs Administrator Card

FWIW this card is universally refered to as Administrator card in our product documentation.



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Subject: Manager Card vs Administrator Card


Maryland joins those requesting that Manager Cards be called Administrator
Cards (to achieve standardization of terms).
What is the status of this request?

Sue Page
Maryland Assistant Project Manager
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
cell 443-404-9621