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RE: GEMS-1-18-10

As everyone can see, this is a record-breaking changelog for a single GEMS release.  I’d like to congratulate Dmitry and Whitman for all the work they put into bug-fix duty, Ravina for finding most the bugs, and Tracy for keeping track of them all.


Note that GEMS 1.18 is a stable release branch, and as such all the items below are bug-fixes.  That said, this many changes is pretty punishing to a software system.  It is pretty certain that some new bugs have slipped in as a result of all the changes.  Please exercise caution when releasing 1.18.10 to customers.  Do give it a whirl though, and post to bugtrack with any problems you find.





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GEMS-1-18-10 is ready. The password is:


GEMS-1-18-10.zip   wdsi2hf5hnjma




·        Fixed problem that caused the GEMS window to flash after choosing "Manual Entry" and dismissing the "No Counters Available to Modify" warning dialog.

·        Fixed problem that resulted in challenged ballots marked as "Accepted" in Ballot Station to be displayed as “Not Reviewed” in the GEMS Challenge Board dialog after being uploaded.

·        Fixed problem that prevented the District label from appearing in the Cards Cast report when a district is selected in the Group By District section of the Cards Cast dialog.

·        Allow users with Administrator access or in region other than "HOST" to set/reset election.

·        When GEMS is started, LocalDB and Backup folders are automatically created in the GEMS folder if they do not already exist.

·        Fixed problem when two identical cards were created when generate rotations for the races with cross-endorse candidates Also fixed problem when incorrect rotation values for races with cross-endorsed candidates downloaded to the AccuVote-TS.

·        Fixed problem when GEMS crashes when typing report set name in the report name’s combo box in Summary and SOVC reports.

·        The VIF_Instructions_OneClick.rtf files are used instead of "VIF_Instructions.rtf" when "One Click Vote" option is checked in AccuVote-TS Options. The instruction line that tells the voter to retouch the candidate box for unselection is removed in VIF_Instructions_OneClick.rtf

·        Change Voter Group Editor title bar label from “VoterGroup Editor” to “Voter Group Editor”.

·        The Region text box in the User Info dialog box is now non-editable.

·        Numeric values only may be entered in the Id field of the District Editor.

·        After adding a report set in Statement of Votes Cast and Election Summary reports, new formatting options are both saved and displayed.

·        In Election Summary and Statement of Votes Cast reports, non-numeric characters entered into “Separate Under” box are now ignored. The “Separate Under” value has also been limited to a number between 0 and 9999.

·        A change made to a race’s Endorsement Controlling Race from the Race Editor Options tab is now saved.

·        Card/Ballot Id numbers are now displayed correctly in the Manual Entry dialog box.

·        Fixed problem that occurred when changing the endorsing party of a candidate in a Shadow race.

·        Fixed problem when log printer did not work. Support “Texas” type line printer logging.

·        Fixed problem that occurred when changing the Shadow race of a Shadowed Race to a new Shadow race.

·        The “Start Rotation #” field, rather than the “Rotation District” checkbox now appears in the District Editor for all Sub-Districts whose parent entities have the “Rotation District” option checked.

·        Fixed problem that prevented ballot text from being displayed when previewed in Ballot Text Reports.

·        Changed Ballot Text Report dialog title from “Ballot Text Dialog” to “Ballot Text Report”.

·        Changed Ballot Text Report Preview window title from “Dialog” to “Ballot Text Preview”.

·        Allow the cancellation of changes made in the Reporting Sets, Monitor Scripts, Monitor Script Properties, AccuVote-OS Options and Reporting Set Properties dialogs.        

·        Fixed refresh problem that occurred when changing a tree item label did not update all the corresponding items in the tree view.

·        Implemented the refreshing of list view when the tree view is refreshed.

·        All grid cells throughout the application highlight correctly when selected.

·        Added support for negative values in Left and Right Candidate Margins fields in the Margins tab of the Ballot Options dialog.

·        Fixed problem when generating ballots for Shadow races. No candidates were displayed on the ballot.

·        Fixed problems when adding removing  cross endorse candidates in the Race Editor:

·        The text “Changed election parameters” no longer appears in the Audit Log when an election’s status has been changed.

·        Correctly highlight selected items in SOVC and Summary reports.

·        Races in the Reporting Set Properties dialog now highlight correctly when selected.

·        Fixed problem where Sub Districts were sorted incorrectly in Monitor Scripts>Monitor Script Properties dialog.

·        The Monitor Script ID in the Monitor Script Properties dialog is now saved after being changed.

·        Fixed problem where incorrect list of cards was displayed in the Manual Entry dialog.

·        Added warning message: “Warning: You are about to delete registration totals for <Voter Group>”.  Message appears when deleting a Voter Group that has not been associated with Candidates or Races, but for which voter registration totals have been defined.

·        For Recalled races, the Recall Race pull down menu is now disabled in the Race Editor when the election status is set to “Cards Laid Out”.

·        Fixed problem that resulted in the wrong number of cross-endorsed candidates being calculated for Shadow and Shadowed races.

·        Fixed problem that caused GEMS to crash when previewing or printing a Statement of Votes Cast report for elections that include Shadow and Shadowed races.

·        Fixed problem that caused GEMS to crash when all candidates in a race were deleted in the Candidates tab of the Race Editor.

·        Fixed problem where “Pct Ids” and “Cumulative Results Only” settings in the Counter Group editor were not saved correctly after clicking Vote Center Category New or Edit buttons.

·        Corrected Audit Log entry text. Text was changed from “Set Cards Layedout” to “Set Cards Laid Out”.

·        The “Ballot Artwork will change” warning message will now be displayed after resetting the “Cross endorse on ballot once” setting in the Options tab of the Race Editor.

·        Fixed problem that caused GEMS to crash when attempting to accept a Challenged ballot in the Challenge board.

·        Challenge ballots will only appear in the Challenge Board after selecting a Challenge Vote Center from the VCenter column in Challenge Board dialog. In previous versions of GEMS, Challenge ballots of the first Challenge Vote Center were displayed in the Challenge board by default.

·        Disabled Add and Delete Candidate buttons in the Race Editor after a Question type race has been specified.

·        Allowed the addition or deletion of Registered Write-in candidates in the Race Editor Candidates tab after the election status has been set to “Cards Laid Out”.

·        Enabled the XEndorse button in the Race Editor Candidates tab to allow cross-endorsed candidate Voter Group selections to be changed. Disable the  XEndorse button in the Race Editor when the election status has been set to “Set for Election”.

·        In the Counter Group Editor, a Counter Group’s short label text is now saved after being changed.

·        Corrected display of all truncated labels in Statement of Votes Cast and Election Summary reports.

·        Disallowed the saving of races with more cross-endorsed candidates than the specified number of candidates to vote for. 

·        Fixed problem that resulted in the Count Method “AccuVote-TS” not being displayed in the Select Counters dialog after selecting Manual Entry.

·        For entities selected in tree view, made text of right-click menu items consistent with corresponding menu text.

·        Expanded width of  “Controlling Race” pull-down menu in Race Editor to accommodate long race names.

·        Fixed the “Separate Under” row label in the Statement of Votes Cast report to correspond to the number of votes specified in the “Separate Under” option in Statements of Votes Cast dialog.

·        Disabled the “Under Voted Races” checkbox in the AccuVote-OS dialog when the election status has been set to “Set-For-Election”.

·        Removed the “None” option from the “Precinct Identifier on card”options group on the Card Definitions tab of the Ballot Options Editor.

·        Disabled “New Record” icon button when the default entities are selected in tree view.

·        Changed GEMS AccuVote-TS 1 and AccuVote-TS Server 2 menu item names to match their corresponding dialog title names.

·        Disabled the Delete button in the menu bar when default entities that cannot be deleted are selected in tree view.

·        In the Pre Election>Print Report dialog box, expanded the Reports list to accommodate long report names.

·        Changed the title of the Vote Center Editor dialog from “VoteCenter Editor” to “Vote Center Editor”.

·        Disallowed the creation of a Voter Group with a blank Label field.

·        Maintain the sort sequence of Voter Groups by Voter Group ID in the Endorse menu of the Race Editor>Candidates tab after adding a new cross-endorsed candidate.

·        An error message will now be displayed when the confirmation password entered in the Add User dialog does not match the original specified password.

·        Removed the “Separate Under” option from the Election Summary report dialog.

·        Fixed problem that prevented saving the Recount Reporting Set specified in the Recount tab of the Election options dialog.

·        The “Proof” option in the Print Artwork dialog is now reset to Off after deselecting the “Styles Only” option in the Print Artwork dialog.

·        Fixed problem in the Candidates tab of the Race Editor that caused the RTF text defined for a candidate to be changed when the candidate’s Type is changed.

·        Reporting Set Id numbers are now incremented correctly when a new Reporting Set is added to the Reporting Sets dialog.

·        In the Reporting Set dialog box, added support for the keyboard keys: <TAB> and <SHIFT><TAB> to move the cursor to the next or to the previous column, and wrap at the end of a row.

·        Fixed problem that caused duplicate “Under Minimum” entries to be displayed when viewing Sub-District totals in the Statement of Votes Cast report.

·        Exclude precincts with no associated ballots from data that is downloaded to AccuVote-OS.