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Re: BallotStation 4-3-4 Election Mode ballot retention in Pre-Election Testing Mode

Wouldn't scenario one lose all the ballots that were voted, given that they are going to clear all totals when exiting election mode?
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Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 9:01 PM
Subject: Re: BallotStation 4-3-4 Election Mode ballot retention in Pre-Election Testing Mode

These are the instructions I was given at some point.  Maybe they can be looked at and turned into an instruction doc that we can provide to our AVTS clients.






Turning a unit into a Voter Card Activator (VCA)


There are a couple of different scenarios for accomplishing this.  It is up to the countyís comfort level, which we do.


Scenario 1 (Emergencies only)


If there are no votes on a machine, you can unset it for election and turn it into a VCA.  This is only recommended if you have another unit coming, or are not worried about uploading all machines downloaded.  I say this because once you take it out of election mode one would have to reset it to upload. 


At the voting screen insert your Manager Card.  Insert your code and press OK, then remove the card.  Press the end election button and at the next screen hit Ok.  Make a decision about the reporting screen (normally I say donít worry about it because you will print this later once you reset to election mode.  Press done reporting.  When it comes up to the post election screen, insert your Manager card again.  It will ask for the password again, enter and press OK.  This will bring up the administrator screen.  There will be a Reset to pre-election mode button press it.  The press exit administrator.  This will bring up the election management screen where you will press the Create Voter Cards button.   Begin creating cards.


If they have a backup system, or all the machines all have totals, or there is time to get them another card and/or machine use the following scenarios


Scenario 2


If they have extra units that they can send out into the field on Election Day, you can send out another unit with a card that you make on the fly.


Within the GEMS database you can create cards as needed without unsetting for election.  Within the tree view (left hand side) highlight (left click) the Vote Center that you want another card for and right click it.  This will bring up a list of options, choose edit vote center.  On the Vote Center Editor screen there is a data field that allows you to input the number of memory cards.  Increase the count by one.  And hit apply then ok.  Start the Accu-Vote Server 2.  Find the Vote Center and you will see a card to be downloaded.  Highlight the card and hit the Queue button.  The Q will come up go to the Ports tab start the ports and download the card to an AV-TS unit.  When you get into the field the unit will start up to the Election Management screen and you can press the create voter cards button.


This card will not be accumulated with the other units unless after the polls close you set for and end the election.



Scenario 3


If you are really good and want the ultimate back up, you can create an extra card that you send out in the Election Portfolio that you create.  This card is unset for election and can be popped into any unit to create the VCA if the spyrus goes down.


Take the card out of the portfolio unlock any unitís side door turn the unit off.  Pop the present card and insert the new VCA card.  Put the card that you took out and place it in the envelope or what ever the judges will use to collect the disks at election end.  Turn the unit with the VCA memory card in it and after boot up press Create Voter Cards.   If you send another unit out the VCA card or Active Election Card can then be placed in the new unit once it gets there, or the card that was taken out can be accumulated along with the others at election end. 


This works great if they donít have spare units or if locations are far away from Election Central.  The only downside is the cost of additional Memory cards.

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From: Sue Page
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 12:24 PM
Subject: RE: BallotStation 4-3-4 Election Mode ballot retention in Pre-Election Testing Mode

Given the problem with the Spyrus, Montgomery County, Maryland, is currently planning to use a TS unit for making voter cards, rather than the Spyrus.  The other Counties want to to know how to do the conversion at the poll, as a back-up if all the Spyrus go down.
Could someone please write procedures for using the TS unit as an encoder - setting it up in advance, and converting at the polls, with illustrations?  (Maryland is 4.1.6)  If these procedures are posted, we can all use them.  This will give us all a solution that is uniform and "blessed" by our own experts.  The comfort level of the customers is increased when "official procedures" are provided, and this keeps us from duplicating effort.
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Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 3:29 PM
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Subject: Re: BallotStation 4-3-4 Election Mode ballot retension in Pre-Election Testing Mode

If you clear the results on the TS unit, then are you going to implement the request that Tari asked for: allowing a pollworker to make voter cards on a unit (in case the Spyrus or PCC runs out of battery or doesn't work).  We need a backup method to make cards in the precinct.  Exiting election mode to access the "CREATE CARD" function is important, but NOT if you lose the ballots on the unit.  Comments?
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Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 2:15 PM
Subject: Re: BallotStation 4-3-4 Election Mode ballot retension in Pre-Election Testing Mode

No, this is not the intended behavior.  When reseting the election to pre-election mode the results are ment to be "cleared".
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Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 5:23 PM
Subject: BallotStation 4-3-4 Election Mode ballot retension in Pre-Election Testing Mode

An election is reset to Pre-Election Testing Mode from Post-Election Mode.  Ballots counted in Election Mode are displayed in Pre-Election Testing Mode View Ballots window.  Is this intended behavior?