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HP phasing out Jornada

I came across this today while fetching some development tools for the PCC project off the ‘Net.  The relevant part reads:

Smart Handhelds

Decision: The Compaq iPAQ™ Pocket PC, re-named the HP iPAQ Pocket PC, will be our smart handheld platform. The best of the current HP Jornada technology will be engineered into the platform. Jornada products will be phased out of the market in 2002. HP will continue to innovate in wireless, mobility and voice technology. HP also will offer the iPAQ Blackberry device for end-to-end wireless e-mail solutions, under the HP brand.

As many of you probably know, Compaq merged with HP recently, and as a result are restructuring their product lines.  We don’t yet know what “the best of the HP Jornada technology” means yet.  Hopefully it means a clamshell form factor with a smart card reader.  Unfortunately,  iPaq doesn’t have any product like that at the moment.  The name “Pocket PC” is not encouraging, since that usually implies a palm-held device.  We’ll keep you informed as we learn more.  In the mean time, it looks like the NEC MobliePro 790 is our only alternative.