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RE: BS 4.1.11 stable?

Yeah, this question takes some getting used to :-).  I don’t think anyone has gone though a 4.1.11 election given that it came out March 15.  No one trusts a release until it has gone through a few elections.  All the testing and certifications in the world won’t change that.  But someone has to go first.  With a product still in very active development, someone is going first as often as not.


Here is what I have for comfort, for the price you pay for it.  People have run 4.1.x where x < 10 before without serious incident.  California ran 4.2 which was short branch off of 4.1 and they did well.  The 4.1 series has been in a “stable branch” state for a while now.  It is as stable as they come.




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I was not aware this was a question to be asked?  We are fixing to update all 860 of JoCo's units within the next month so I also am extremely interested in the answer to this question.

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is it the opinion of the field that 4.1.11 is stable ?  I know it is certified but who has used it and is it stable?